SOHO What does it mean??

Users questions:SOHO What does it mean?? Recently saw an old computer magazines have no idea what the word meant??
Experts answer: meant for small home office. Originated in the United States in the late 80s, then quickly swept the world in economically developed areas. In 1998, the United States "home office SOHO owners" as the8.4 million, but the market analysts generally accepted figure is 21 million -3.0 thousand million, accounting for the U.S. labor market, around 40%. The cause of this difference between the two figures is attributable to a large number of U.S. Bureau of Labor failed to exist in a company that employed by another family in the home office SOHO taken into account. InCountry, the domestic large and medium cities in particular, already has a considerable number of young chasing the "new" and trying to join the SOHO world. A man crazy does not mean that everyone paranoid. Now 40% of the U.S. workforce is employed by itself. Most of them have the following characteristics: There are business minded, benefits or reduce sexual, good organization,Educated, ambitious, enterprising, versatile. SOHO home office in Shanghai alone there is a family of 70 . In Beijing, the "home office SOHO owners" have more than one million. In particular, last spring's "SARS" also speeded up the "home office SOHO Pioneers" of the rapid development. SiteProvide services to "home office SOHO Pioneers" as the task of doing China's "home office SOHO Pioneers" of the portal.
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