Where can I download the "Simplified Chinese language support package"?

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Users questions:I use AdobeAcrobat6.0Standatd converting PDF documents can not be completely edited in the text to black something (with the exception of Jinshan insert WordArt), and prompts the need Simplified Chinese language pack support, I can not be downloaded from the Internet with, friends to help install theA software or can not be used. I ask Where can I find available in the Simplified Chinese language support package? Or anyone know of a better, more convenient version of Adobe? (My computer is XP) Thank you for the!
Experts answer: you have not installed the English version of theACROBAT? Seem to have AdobeAcrobat6.0 Standard Edition support of the Chinese document should be much better, you can consider re-install. Here are targeting Asian and Central European language fonts AdobeReader package, do not actually tested it applies to ACROBAT http://www.chinese-s.adobe.com/products/acrobat/acrrasianfontpack.html
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